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With over 125B dollars of property throughout the state and nearly 20m acres of land, CORE can find the right property for you. We have also set unprecedented sale amounts over consecutive years on multifamily, retail, industrial, and mixed use properties.

Evan Spencer

Central Maine Property Manager
(207) 744-3084 Ext 300

Evan graduated from the University of New England in 2015 with a degree in medical biology, he has since managed financial operations for family properties and gained practical experience operating a historic remote off-grid sporting camp.

His expertise lies in customer service and understanding client needs, cultivated through hands-on experience in diverse settings. Evan prioritizes efficiency and effective resource management in all endeavors.

Outside of work, he enjoys outdoor activities with his dog, finding relaxation and inspiration in nature’s simplicity. Additionally, Evan pursues interests in environmental stewardship, including beekeeping, hunting, and fishing. Dedicated to delivering results and exceeding expectations in all professional capacities, Evan brings a well-rounded approach to every endeavor.