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With over 125B dollars of property throughout the state and nearly 20m acres of land, CORE can find the right property for you. We have also set unprecedented sale amounts over consecutive years on multifamily, retail, industrial, and mixed use properties.

Josh Cushman

Construction Analyst
(207) 744-3084 ext. 317

Splitting his formative years between Minnesota and Maine, Josh brings a unique blend of regional understanding and construction expertise to CORE.

His professional journey is marked by significant achievements and leadership roles. Josh was the driving force behind Portland Builders, serving as its President and Owner since 2006. This role was a natural progression from his time as Vice President of the company, which he commenced in 1997. Under his stewardship, Portland Builders thrived, focusing on commercial projects across Maine and New Hampshire and contributing significantly to the regional development.

In his role as a Construction Analyst at CORE, Josh’s responsibilities are multifaceted and pivotal. He excels in assisting clients with building analysis and embodies the crucial role of an owner’s representative. His commitment ensures projects are executed according to the owner’s goals and objectives, with an unwavering focus on schedule adherence, budget management, and overall accountability among team members.

Outside the office, Josh is an avid enthusiast of skiing, cycling, and fishing with his friends and family.